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We hope to be of service to you. Our mission is to enhance the entrance to your business. Let us show you how. Lawn Enforcement Services are different. We don’t just cut grass, We turn it into lawn. Call us on the number provided above or Get in Touch by filling in the contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

Our Mission is to enhance verges and driveways, one at a time. 


We focus both on commercial and industrial sites offering top garden services in Richards Bay. Our services include mowing, bush clearing, high pressure cleaning and more.


We want Businesses in Richards Bay and surrounding areas to realise that their verges and driveways are the first thing their customers see when they come to what they are selling. First impressions are vital.


"Your entrances, verges and driveways are silent receptionists that  welcome your customers"


In 1984 my Father planned his retirement after working for 28 years at the Paper Mill in Felixton. It suddenly became apparent to me that he was going to grow old very fast without some form of activity. I decided to buy a failing business called Turf King SA. It was a Garden Service Contracting Business. This would keep my Father occupied because he had “Green Fingers”.

Turf King SA had just one contract remaining because of the bad service that the previous owner was giving. After a week of me buying the business I received a letter from the client saying that they were terminating the work due to “Breach of Contract” I immediately sprang into action and made an appointment to see the MD of the Company. I explained that I had just acquired the business and I would have my Father run it. I pleaded for a three month grace period to prove that we could improve the service. He eventually agreed and my Father and I put heads together. 

We started by fixing all the lawnmowers and other machines which were in a sorry state. We sat with the staff to find out what their grievances were. There were many, like lack of tools, poor pay, no safety equipment, maintenance on equipment was nonexistent. After three months we had turned over a new leaf and Management were suitably impressed. I met with the MD of the Company and gave him the reason why the previous owner could not deliver the service. It was because he had under quoted and could not come out on the payment he was receiving.

When I saw that he was convinced and was happy to enter into a new contract. I successfully negotiated a further three year contract with a healthy increase in the monthly fee. In a space of a year Turf King SA became the biggest Garden Service Company in Zululand. Our main contracts were Zululand Sugar Mill, Mondi Felixton, Huletts Amatikulu, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, Alusaf (Pty) Ltd and many more. I am happy to announce that I am back in the Garden Service Business to resume where I left off. Service is my strength and I look forward to be of service to the people of Richards Bay.

Our Services


Tandem MBUZI Torx 225cc


Industrial Lawnmower. The MBUZI Lawnmower is an Extra Heavy Duty Lawnmower specially designed to slash grass that is up to 1 meter high. We use this machine to clear bush and empty plots. The height adjustment can be changed on both front and rear independently. Long grass is no match for the 225cc 4 stroke motor.

We don't just cut grass, We turn it into a Lawn

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